Thursday, August 20, 2009

Executive Kremen snubs cities

It really does not come as a surprise that Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen chose to go with the county's proposal for changes in the cities' UGA. I was hoping that after all the hours our mayor, city staff, planning commission, citizens and council put into the process that Executive Kremen would consider the cities proposal. Yet, from his report posted today on the County Planning Services web site, it doesn't look as if he even considered it. He has decided to go with the Urban Reserve idea even though there is no such thing in the GMA and the county has not said how the Urban Reserve would even work.

The city of Ferndale has agreed that our UGA could be made smaller, but not by the amounts the county wants. What we have is the county screwing up and then taking their problems out on the cities. "Let's punish the cities for our (the county's) actions" is the path the county is taking from Executive Kremen on down to Planning Director Stalheim.

I guess Executive Kremen decided to take the safe route for himself and side with those who are pushing this UGA reduction. I guess it is easier to fold than to stand up and do the right thing.

Personally, I don't think pissing off the cities in your county is a career building move for Executive Kremen or any of the County Council members. Elections are coming...

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  1. Wake up Whatcom County....this is a huge county wide down zone! THIS IS A TAKING!!!!!!
    There is a meeting Thursday at 6:00 at the Court House to discuss this and hear from the Council and Planning Commission.
    We need to submit our opposition to this, because if we don't oppose this they will stamp and pass this on and think everyone is OK with this large land grab! Tell your friends and neighbors....because the press is not publishing anything about this...everyone should be interested....this is going to increase your taxes and rents immensely!


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