Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sam Taylor's Questions Answered

Earlier today I received an email from Sam Taylor with questions about my previous entry. Instead of getting into an email back and forth, I decided to respond here for all to be able to read. So here goes.

You say the council doesn't read their packets ahead of time. Do you have specifics on this? How do you know this? You're saying every single one, perhaps besides Mel, don't read their packets? Why do you think this?

For anyone attending council meetings on a regular basis already knows the answer to this. For those that do not there are three council members that this really applies to. They are: Olson, Zimmerman and Malpezzi. Zimmerman voted no on an ordinance and when asked why stated that he had not read it so he would not vote in favor of it. Malpezzi just recently stated that he only read the cover sheet provided by staff, not the supporting documentation. Olson has asked questions on ordinances only to have it shown to him that the items in question were in the ordinance. He has also made statements that have show he has not read the complete ordinance.

On the other end of the spectrum are Connie and Mel. They do their homework and should be the role models for the rest of the council.

Also you say the council is getting out of control, in what way?

For this I asked Sam to listen to the tape of the last council meeting. If you were there you again would know the answer to this. (The following does not apply to Connie or Mel.) There does not seem to be any respect any more on the council. They don't seem to respect the Mayor or each other. Council member Ingram speaks when ever he wants to, without acknowledgment from the Mayor. Council members Malpezzi and Olson don't respect our city staff and this is evident by their condescending questions and comments that they make.

Do you really think every council member treats people poorly?

Again, I asked Sam to listen to the tapes. If the Herald had a reporter at the meetings on a regular basis, then Sam would not be asking me these questions. The fact that they do not and that Sam has not listened to the tapes of the meetings, shows me that the Herald really does not care to much about Ferndale.

All I ask of anyone really interested in this is to do the following. Attend the Planning Commission meeting this evening at 7:00 PM City Hall Annex. Watch how the Commissioners inter relate with each other. Watch and listen to how the Commissioners talk and work with the city staff. Then compare that to recent council meetings. If after that you think I am off base, let me know.

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